Apollo Da Don

"Decimate it with the fire I'm spitting Richard prior a cant even compare to my arsonist killings swavy..."

Why did you start writing:
I start writing to express myself, being that I wasn’t a social person I needed a way to express myself to prevent breakdowns.


Favorite line you have written:
decimate it with the fire I’m spitting Richard prior a cant even compare to my arsonist killings swavy


How do you feel on stage:
When I’m performing Im in the highest state of euphoria, I guess it’s because you have people who really supports you just cheering you on and singing your music. Rising from the bottom to not even reach the top yet and see that is one of the greatest blessings you could have. These people don’t know not one thing about me, but the love from them is so genuine, sometimes more genuine than people who actually hang around you. It’s crazy man I love it!!


What does speak to my future mean to you:
Praying until something happens, but also putting your faith into work and hustling for that future


Speak to your future:
I declare that success and blessings will fall on me like raindrops, that I will put all my homies in a drop top, get my mom out the struggle so she won’t have to stress no more and I will some way some how even though my path is different a bugnd much difficult to understand bring the lost to the light


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