Dancing to My Word

Dancing to My Word

You’re the eve to every one of my atoms

Your smile lights up my days & your eyes makes me daydream them away

I want you to, MOVE to my words

Let every syllable ignite each nerve

Lets my rhymes become the cadence for your curves to move side to side

LOSE yourself in my voice while I get lost in your eyes

You are the violin; I am the bow

God is the musician that put us together to make beauty

So BALLET to my symphony that’s dedicated to you

As I depict how your beauty dictates My heart beats

LISTEN to my soul speak as it cries out to you

I am the drum you are the drumsticks

Without you, there is no music,

I want you to DANCE to my words

I want you to HIP to my hop

I want you to SKIP to my beat

I want you to BOOGIE to my jazz