Rainbow Promises

Rainbow Promises

I am not a bigot, a racist, homophobic or any of the other word our overly sensitive society has stored up in its vocabulary for anyone that opposes public opinion. I am a Christian. I also know that the idea of a Christan is subjective. However, For the purpose of this piece I am a person that follows the teaching of Jesus Christ as described in the New Testament Gospels and expounded upon by the apostle Paul.


Regardless of your skin color, gender, age, religion or sexually orientation, I am not called to condemn you but to love you. What we must try to gain an understanding of is that Judging is not condemning. I must judge for myself on a daily basis what I should or should not do. We also have to face the fact that this world is full of hypocrites. All of us, from Christians that chooses to highlight Homosexual sin and ignore heterosexual sin. Christians that condemns secular music but loves them some Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, LL Cool J, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Boys 2 Men, Temptations or any other artist they want to pretend isn’t secular view. ( I love all kinds of music and appreciate the talent God has given people without repentance.) We are all hypocrites, from the African Americans that hates racism but fail to band together and show compassion. This is coming from an American of Haitian descent that had to fight because at the time African Americans considered us different and dirty. Whether you believe it’s due to systemic programming or not once a person reaches the age of understanding, they are allowed to make up their minds on how they want to treat their neighbor. We are all hypocrites, the Anglo-Saxon who pretends racism is over but benefits from white privilege every single day.


Its human nature to be a hypocrite. Instead of trying to remove the speck of dirt in the eyes of our brothers and sisters. It’s time we start to work on the big log jam of bad decisions we have made. Yes, during our lifetime we will be offended but what we choose to do with that offense dictates the trajectory of our destiny. We can build a fence around our hearts and close our minds, or we can absorb the offense quit being defensive and stand on what we believe. Let people say what they what to say, do what they want to do and be who they want to be. If the conviction of your belief is based in truth, nothing should sway your thought process anyway.


A hypocrite is not someone that says one thing and does another; a hypocrite is someone that says one thing and is another. Let you’re yes be a yes, and your no be a no. Be hot or cold not lukewarm.
It’s time to stop pretending we all want equality because we don’t.


Every religion’s goal is to convert the world. Every body’s goal is to convert everyone else. So I want to be very clear I believe that Jesus is The Son of God that He died and rose again to give us eternal life. I may not understand every word, but I believe every word of the Bible


For we know in part, and we prophesy in part but when completeness (Jesus) comes, what is in part disappears. For now, we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.


We may not have all the answers now but one day we will.
I have been told been as a Christian be careful of what I say regarding the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize Gay Marriage. Why should I, when the world isn’t cautious about making a mockery of my personal Lord and Savior Christ Jesus? I have seen so many Blasphemous Pictures of my savior, yes MY savior the one that saves MY soul. Even the rainbow which is a symbol of Gods covenant to the world is now used as the flag for homosexuality. (See Genesis 9:13, Ezekiel 1:28, Revelations 4:3)


How is this equality?
How is this Justice?


I’m told freedom of speech, but Christians are attacked when we stand and say: “due to our belief we disagree. That’s all we do not agree. We don’t hate; we don’t condemn, we simply do not agree.


I will not be careful about my words or attitude about this matter. I will continue to say the most offensive words in human history, the same three words that created martyrs through our human history. I will keep saying the same thing Jesus has been saying since the creation of the universe: “ I LOVE YOU” I LOVE YOU REGARDLESS.


If you don’t like it, so what, let’s agree to disagree and move on.
It’s time to stop pretending like we want to hold hands and sing “we are the world.” We are all trying to convert each other and will continue to do so until the end of the world. Can we coexist? Yes, we can. If you are homosexual, we are neighbors, we can respect each other, we can love each other, and we can even be friends with the understanding I will always try to point you to Jesus, and you can always reject it if you want. The same goes for anyone that sins. Even If Christianity is completely wrong about Jesus, living our lives loving a pretend God above all else and loving our neighbor as ourselves isn’t so bad. The real problem for the world is if Christianity is right and there are a heaven and a hell. Heaven is the destination for only those who believed and kept the commands of Jesus and the poor in spirit. The pure in heart are the ones that will see God.


Taste the rainbow my friends, Taste and see that The Lord is Good, He is not a man that he shall lie, he will return. So repent, be baptized for the kingdom of God is at Hand.