Is it possible for an Empire to stand without suffering?
Forget what you have been taught, use your common sense and ask yourself these questions.

Would millions of people have volunteered their lives to create pointless pyramids that took hundreds of years to build?
All to feed the ego of idiot Pharaohs that believed that they were Gods yet died human deaths.
Would people willing sell themselves into slavery to build a country that they will never be truly considered equal in or human?
Would soldiers willing fight to the death for corrupt kings and governments? Can we make it to the top of the mountain without stepping on others?


History suggests that an empire cannot survive without suffering. There have always been tyrants, dictators, and men corrupted by power, peasants, & slaves. Common folk has always been manipulated into building empires, kingdoms, nations with their blood, sweat, and tears for leaders that care for nothing but their legacy. We don’t remember the names of all the Egyptian slaves that died to build the pyramids, but we do remember the pharaoh those pyramids were built for. We don’t remember the names of all the African slaves that were used, mistreated, or slaughtered to build this great nation, but we do know that this country is great.


What does that tell you about humans?
We are sheep being lead to the slaughter. You don’t need character as long as you have a gift, personality, and a believable lie we can justify. We will follow you to the beach and jump into the waves because you said God would part the sea, by the time we start drowning, it’s too late, we realized the sea didn’t part and we been pimped. I’ve seen people break their own hearts just to be a part of a movement that will tear their world apart. There have always been tyrants, dictators, and men corrupted by power. There have always been great kingdoms and great empires built on the blood of slaves, but these pharaohs’ dictators’ kings tyrants have always failed. These great nations, great empires have always fallen and here is why.

HEROES (a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities) (brave person, brave man/woman, man/woman of courage, man/woman of the hour, lion heart, warrior, knight; champion)


However, there is a problem with heroes, which has nothing to do with the heroes but everything to do with the people the heroes are trying to save. Society tends to think heroes are crazy until the next generation calls the HERO a HERO.


So what a burning bush told him to tell Pharaoh: “let my people go,: The Israelites were freed weren’t they?


So what if she’s past her prime talking about an imaginary underground railroad you want your freedom or not?


So what if rocks and sticks were all they had while their enemy Got Guns was Haiti the first independent African nation or not?


So what if a dream was all he had Is he a king or not?


So what if he can’t understand your science?
So what if she doesn’t understand your mathematical equation that she will never need?


So what if they talk different and act differently?

Want to know why they are killing our Heroes before they develop their powers?
Open your eyes; it’s because the future can not be built without blood. There have to be casualties, wasted talent rotting in prisons. Graves must be filled with unfulfilled potential, nightmares that were once dreams. There must be sheep lead to slaughter and without Heroes, sheep will blindly follow their master off a cliff.

So back to the question

Can a great empire be built without blood?


it can’t but whose blood will be shed and will it be worth it.
There is a story of a Hero, a Savior, an innocent man who shed His Blood so no one else would ever have to again but in his name corrupted men rose to power and in his name innocent blood is shed. This hero cries out to his people to wake up, stand up and know the truth and the truth is there is one empire that will never fall, and until this Kingdom come we must embrace all the heroes and teach them to use their superpowers for the greater good of the kingdom of God