Lamb Stew

Lamb Stew


An old crucifix with a bloody lamb pardoned who I am for who I could be

Pardoned me for my crimes

Pardoned me for my lies

Pardoned me for my hate

His blood Is the equivalent of the breath of life that blew into Adam and allowed us to breathe

The words: “It is finished” is the same voice that in the beginning said let the be light

and spoke to the things that are not so as though they were

So here we are: “The Not So’s” of the world

“The Not Good Enough.”

“The Not Pure Enough.”

“The Not Pretty Enough”

The Breakdown’s when the going gets tough

The Headdown’s when the devil turns up

The Turnaround’s when the soul quakes erupt

Here we are God perfect creation the choose imperfection

Here we are Gods image that rejected his reflection

Here we are Gods children that deflect his direction

Even after all the doubt, all the fear, all the missing the marks, all the corrupted hearts, all the betrayal

For God so loved his prize possession

For God so loved you, so loved me, so loves the world

On the eve of destruction every one of our Adams at the doorstep of hell

He Gave his only son

An old crucifix with a bloody lamb pardoned who I am

So pardon me if I stand at the foot of the cross

Once as filthy as rags but now

Clean covered by the blood of the lamb