Sherlay Noel

"Self-filling up self only equates to self-destruction."

Why did you start writing:
Honestly? It started in my 7th-grade class, and the girl sitting next to me was reading one of her poems to some of our friends. They were so mesmerized, and at that time in my life I craved any type of attention, so while she was reading, I thought to myself “hey I can do that” and so that’s how it began. But I soon found out that not only was I good at it, but it started to become an outlet where I could let out all of my bottled up emotions and thoughts.


Favorite line:
“Self-filling up self only equates to self-destruction.”


How do you feel on stage:
It’s a mixture of things. I’ve always been the shy quiet girl, whose voice was usually drowned out, especially around boisterous and talkative people. So when I’m on stage, and I finally push the nerves out of the way, I feel powerful, in control, like I finally have a voice, but mostly, I feel like I’m alive.


What does speak to my future mean to you:
When God created the world, all He used were His words, and I truly believe that the words we speak today create the type of world we have tomorrow. So with Speak to My Future, to me that’s taking a hold of your future by using one of the most powerful gifts God has given us – Our Speech; rejecting everything negative that has ever been spoken over our lives whether by ourselves or someone else, and beginning to shape the future that God intended us to have by simply speaking it out.


Speak to your future:
I declare that in my future I will be wholeheartedly submitted unto God and in His will for my life. I declare to be completely debt free, and financially prosperous. To be walking in my calling (having my organization that brings awareness and aid to people who struggle with depression/mental illness, and being involved in The Arts; acting, singing, dancing, producing, directing, writing, filming, and speaking around the world.) And lastly, to one day to have a husband and children, and just healthy relationships overall.