Shout Out

Shout Out

Shout out to those that had pen and no pad, paper, and no pencil

Books with no bags backs, against Jericho but eyes on the sparrow

Shout to you that succeeded in spite, statistics said not so

You will reap what you did not sow

Since the sins of the father are on his seed,

it’s impossible for you to succeed

No matter how much you sweat, no matter how much you bleed

It’ll just become a stain on the concrete under defeat of those born under better conditions

Shout out to those that regardless of circumstance

The condition of your heart is to stand up and stand out

Show up and show out, never sell out but to be sold out to vision

Shout out to victims that became victor’s

Blind men that dance, Deaf women that sing

Visionary that never stop dreaming

Never stop dreaming,

One time for you

One knife in the back for you

One cross for you

One innocent, perfect slain lamb for you

One resurrection for you,

One gift of Life for you

For you one way ticket to paradise

Shout out to you

Because the rock star shouted it’s finished

so you could finish what you started

Regardless if you started from the bottom, you’re still here,

Regardless if you had pen and no pad

Paper and no pencil, books with no bags, backs against Jericho

Keep your eye on the sparrow

Shout out to you that shout in spirit and truth

That’s given every opportunity to die but refuse

And for those that just begun,

I call out to you to stand up and stand out Show up and
show out

Never sell out but to be sold out to vision

Let’s envision more than just a church on every corner but a unified front

Let’s envision the elimination of denominations and take dominion

With one band, one sound, one body

One Time

For you and you and you that will be given every opportunity to die

but must refuse

like of or not, know it or not

it’s all up to you

Cause scientifically speaking there is no such thing as darkness just the absence of light

since you are the light of the world

The absence of your presence

Presents the enemy with present victory

So shout out to you that refuses to remain silent\

but choose to shout in spirit and In truth

Regardless of where you started finish

regardless of who got your back, stabbed you in the back

or pat you on the back


because The Rock shouted is finish for you