Story Telling

Story Telling

We adore those that hate us ignores those that love us

How it bothers us how money hungry the poll pit is, but it’s perfectly fine to support the naked hustle

It’s called being a poor righteous teacher for a reason

Delicious  got three kids, and she can do that thing with her booty umm yea


Listen somebody got to tell the story


How instead of carrying herself as a queen to attract a  king she carry herself in such a way to attract guys named gunshot, who is 35 years old and stays with his mother. He has  three kids, two warrants for his arrest and  one rap album that he still hopes to go platinum and 0 jobs, because it’s hard out here for a pimp

How instead of carrying himself as a king to attract a queen, he the act in such a way to attract girls named Lacefront who live with her grandmother in the projects. She has

Four kids, three baby daddies, two of them serving life sentence in prison.  She got a g.e.d and she meant to go back to Everest to get her certification in medical assistant but she can’t get any anyone b to babysit because Grand ma got a life too.


Somebody got to tell the story

How According to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter every female is America’s top model and ever male is the greatest rapper alive.

Somebody got to tell the story

That if it wasn’t for the internet the image you created for yourself wouldn’t exist, and you would be left with the hard question of who the hell are you.


Somebody got to tell the story


I spoke to Hip Hop, and she was upset.


She said I let them live in my house and they @@@@ them other ###### from the windows to the walls. They ate my lunch and left me peanut butter and jelly with a baseball bat. I make them Filet Mignon, and they made me chicken noodle soup with soda on da side.

They don’t even know the history; they don’t know that mo money mo problem caused a gangster’s paradise, where we had to fight the power.

They don’t know; We had a meeting at the crossroads, where Brenda had a baby.

Could it be after a hard knock life this child could rule the world and lead us to victory.

Could it be instead of 40 acres and a mule our president would be black, our lambo would be blue, and I’ll be God dang if our rims ant to

Hip hop said she just wants to be listened to again because it’s still a story to tell


Listen somebody got to tell the story

How the stage is a burden. You have to trade your life for these shining lights; you can’t have both as soon as all eyes are on you, you’re directly reasonable for the next person’s soul.

For you are your brother’s keeper. Fame makes you a model whether you want to play the role or not.



Listen, somebody has to tell the story, speak about this history.

In the beginning was the word, His Story

clear and concise, as for the confusion

it’s not the message; it’s the messenger

It’s not the story but the storytellers

it’s not Christ it’s the Christians

it’s not you, God it’s me that Got the world caught on religion

listen, you listening

Somebody has to tell the story

How the world will try to push you, pull you, twist you until you break.

People will test you to see how much it will take to break you but  never lose your character,  never letem see you sweat brush your shoulder off and remember

not death, not light, not angels, nor demons, not the present nor the future, nor any power, not hiegth or dept Can separate your from the love of God

If God is with you, then how can be against you and that’s the only story you need to know the question is

Are you listening?