The Way She Moves

The Way She Moves


my heartbeat began to increase.

The lights were flickering, my mind was wondering, and the story began.

The story of my life acted out on stage, the plot directly from the lyrics on my note page and it went like this…

I prayed, and I prayed, and I prayed, but there was no answer.

God, I thought you were too busy for me, but I didn’t know the whole story.

There were the demons; there was the devil, delaying your answer to my prayer, letting me assume that you weren’t there,

Then there she was an angel fighting on my behalf. Sent down from you to help me overcome the odds

As the tears rolled down my face,  my fears rolled out along with them.

I knew at that moment from her movement you had my back. Then I came back, back to reality instantly trapped by her beauty

God, only you could have created someone so graceful. So great at her art form that she transforms movements into poetry.

A poem of pain, happiness, fear, faith, lies and truthfulness, pride, and glory,

The story of my life, Defeat, and victory.

Her passion, her poise, her dance, equates to silent noise

In silence we dance for eternity