Time To Choose

Time To Choose

Have we gotten so used to ignorance that ignorance has become our identity?
Have we become so used to lies that we are now allergic to the truth?
There seems to be so much finger pointing at how jacked up society is that we forget that the other four fingers are pointing back at us, with the cold hard fact that WE ARE SOCIETY.
We love everything we claim is wrong with the world.
We can’t turn our heads.
We are addicted to drama.
We glorify perversion.
We support superficiality.


We protest sex trafficking, rape, abortion, violence, and drugs but support porn, strip clubs, violent music, movies and drug dealers with our time, energy and resources. So the real question isn’t what have we gotten used to but, Do we know what we want? Do we want peace or war, purity or perversion, equality or division, love or hate because at this point in the human race it has become painfully obvious? We cannot have our cake and eat it too. We must pick a side. We are no longer allowed to be lukewarm, on the fence or play both sides of the field. We must look in the mirror decide what we want, who we are and stand right there. Wrong or right win or lose do you and pray that your side is correct, but whom are we kidding we know right from wrong.


I know it’s just that wrong feel so freaking good, right The word that will get humanity out from under a matrix of confliction arguments is accountability. The Here is the questions that you must ponder,

Are You Accountable to God?


Are You Accountable to yourself?

Are You Accountable to your family?

Are You Accountable to your friends?

Are You Accountable to your community?


Be Honest.