If the truth is what you seek, understand the flesh is weak

The fear of being outcasted will make you broadcast aA persona that is not the person God made perfectly imperfect to defy logic and prove faith


Here we are, born to be kings 
we’re the princes of the universe trapped in world that will do anything to hide the fact that


We are immortal, what separates us is THE BLOOD OF THE KING
HE HAS NO; no demon can be HIS equal


 According to the highest, we have dominion over the land, hold your head high, and your dream will never land


Plant Good seed, we reap what we sow knowledge is power,  use what you know


Here’s what I know they try to keep knowledge from you. They insult our intelligence by throwing so much pointless high-speed information at us

while we’re lost in the World Wide Web, the rich and pure stuff is still and has always been hidden in the good book


If the truth is what you seek, understand the flesh is weak Kings are now headless horseman chasing short skirts and horse hair


The world tries to chop your head off. It’s a new age so the sword obsolete, replaced by the sawed off. They want to blow our top off because the mind is the most powerful weapon we got


if you live to conquer the streets, yYou will die in pursuit of happiness, arent but what you perceived to be happiness is a lie

So actually you’re dying for nothing


Goon’s, goblins, hoochies, and hood aren’t who we spouse to be

N-Words, crackers, refs, spicks are not  who we are supposed to be

Broken, Lost, Confused, are not who we’re supposed to be

Were suppose to be in the world but not of but we let the world consume us and in the process we lost


We forgot we are not fleshly beings with souls; We’re nobodies, no man is anybody

We are souls with flesh bodies


We are immortals what separates us is the blood of the king, that poured out from the cross, A crown of thorns paid the cost, We are no longer lost

We have no rivals no man can be our equals; we were knitted in our mother’s womb fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God to follow the sun and do greater things then he has done


So here I stand with the understanding that in order to walk on water, not only do I have to step out of the boat, but I must stand in the storm

 Here I stand with the understanding after I’ve done all I can the final step is to stand

 Here I stand hoping you understand I know who I am

I’m the son of the king follower of the son of man

I ain’t going down without a fight

You gone have to chop my head off to night